Live Your Dream with the AAC

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Have you ever dreamed of bouldering above sand on a gorgeous beach? Do you think of jamming your hands in a long desert splitter? Are your day dreams filled with visions of snowy far off mountains? The American Alpine Club along with Touchstone Climbing wants to make your dreams a reality with the Live Your Dream Grant.

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Since 1902, the American Alpine Club, the nation’s largest and oldest climbing non-profit, dedicated itself to supporting climbers and the culture of climbing. ”We provide knowledge and inspiration, conservation and advocacy, and logistical support for the climbing community,” states the AAC mission statement.

The AAC provides each member with $10,000 of rescue insurance, publishes the American Alpine Journal and Accidents in North American Mountaineering, and offers over $100,000 in grants for US climbers.

In its second year, The Live Your Dream Grant was established with the purpose of funding individuals or small teams who are in pursuit of their personal climbing dreams. The emphasis of the grant is on projects that have significant impact on grantees progression as climbers. The grant seeks to support climbers from a range of ages, experience levels, and climbing disciplines. Non-AAC members may apply and if you are selected as a recipient the AAC will take your membership dues out of the award.

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This year, 2013 Western Region LYD grant has a budget of $6,000, which comes from the AAC, Touchstone Climbing, and from the AAC’s Fall Highball Craggin’ Classic held in Bishop recently.

Last year, the LYD grant sent climbers to Mount Rainier, Bannff and the Parkway Icefields, Zion, the Pamir Mountains in Kyrgzstan & Tajikistan, and the Bugaboos. The awards page talks a little about the reciepents trips. 

The AAC has made significant contributions to the climbing community in the past year. They bought and renovated the Hueco Rock Ranch, the bouldering basecamp and crash pad for Hueco Tanks. They built a new campground in the New River Gorge and are currently working on one in the Gunks in New York. The American Alpine Cub is more than your grand-daddy’s climbing club. They are out supporting the climbers of today. From gym climbers, boulderers, sport climbers, trad climbers, to alpinists, the AAC wants to help climbers live their dreams.

For more information check out the Grant Page- AAC Live-Your-Dream-Grants