Matt Ulery Wins Access Fund Sharp End Award

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Each year the Access Fund recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that go above and beyond to volunteer their time and efforts to protecting America’s climbing. These recipients stand out in their commitment to the American climbing community.IMG_3181

We’re honored that one of our own made the list! Matt Ulery who works behind the desk at Berkeley Ironworks is also the President of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition and a dedicated advocate for local climbing conservation!

The Access Fund presented Matt with Sharp End award for his dedication and relentless energy to climbing advocacy in the San Francisco Bay area. Matt not only dedicated his experience motivating and pulling together volunteers for the creation of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition, but has organized and lead several Adopt a Crag events at local crags. Matt’s positive outlook and relationship building skills have helped foster friendly relationship with local land management staff and neighbors. Matt assisted the Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team throughout their visit to the Bay area, providing housing for the team, co-tabling at local gym events, and working alongside program sponsors at a variety of events. He continues to be an invested and motivated partner in one of the highest climber populations in the US.
We caught up with Matt to find out more.

How does it feel to have won the Sharp End Award?

It feels a little funny to be honest, I have never received an award, and when I look at the work of the other Sharp End Award recipients I am humbled to be among them and their epic accomplishments. Starting the Bay Area Climbers Coalition was a way of giving back to the local climbing community that has already given me more than I can ever return. Being recognized by the Access Fund with this award is an honor.
Bay Area Clean Up

Who would you like to thank? 

First and foremost – my partner, Darlene! She is awesome and has been super supportive of me rambling on about trail work this, climber education that, and allowing me to host board meetings at our house.

Equally as awesome, the current board members of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition – Casey Zak, Jack Hamm, and Stella Hamm. These folks are volunteering their time and resources to build this organization and preserve Bay Area climbing.

And possibly the most important, the local climbing community. You all have stepped up in a huge way to support our local crags. It is super inspiring and it makes me incredibly proud to work with so many amazing stewards and conservationists.
Bay Area Climbers CoalitionHow has fame changed you? 

I have to wear a lot more hats and hoodies to stay under the radar…..even sunglasses indoors. This didn’t go over well at the airport – apparently a hat, hoody, sunglasses, and big beard are a bad combo for the security check.
Congratulations Matt! 

Want to get involved in local crag clean ups? Check out the Glen Canyon Adopt-a-Crag event on June 6th. Dogpatch Boulders and Mission Cliffs will be providing food for volunteers.

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