Members of the Month: Megan McKay & Keith Mentzer

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Office workers by day, gym enthusiasts by night, and ambitious outdoor weekend warriors. Three categories that can easily describe many of us! As we look forward to the weekend, we can also sneak in some of that vertical workout throughout the week. None of these are strange topics for Megan and Keith. They can easily be found, more than a few days a week, sending the most recent climbs and making our community a better place! If ever you have wondered what lies in the luggage of your partner packed suitcase, you have to read further into this story. Take the time to meet two long time fixtures of Pipeworks, and remember to say hello to your new (or already existing) friends, Megan McKay & Keith Mentzer.

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MOM: Couples Edition – Megan McKay & Keith Mentzer

Regarding rock climbing, who found the sport first and how did you end up finding an indoor climbing home at Sacramento Pipeworks? How long ago did you end up doing so, and what has been the biggest change you have seen?

Megan & Keith) We both tried indoor climbing before we met. Keith had been a Pipeworks member for a while before trying out the climbing part of the gym. (This was back when Pipeworks had memberships for people who only wanted to workout and didn’t want to climb), but once he tried it, he was hooked. We were introduced to climbing outdoors by a coworker of Megan’s who was also a member at Ironworks. We’ve both been members at Pipeworks for a long time now. We remember splashing through giant puddles in the mud and gravel parking lot all winter. The new, well lit, parking lot is much nicer!

Sacramento Pipeworks

What would be a fun fact that drastically differs between your climbing lives and your professional lives?

M & K) Megan has been on way more trips for work than for climbing. Keith is the opposite – he has a sedate, office job that is about as far from climbing as possible. The most exciting thing he does most days is go to meetings, and the most physical exertion he gets is when he takes the stairs.

If you could choose the best way to incorporate your favorite part of your outdoor “active” life into your indoor “work” life, how would you approach the challenge?

Sacramento PipeworksM & K) Megan likes to spend as much time away from the office (and outdoors) as possible. Fortunately, she actually gets to do that, but not as often as she would like. As an atmospheric scientist she often gets to work on instruments out in the field. Sometimes the field is in the middle of L.A. and sometimes it is overlooking the ocean on Catalina Island.
The only way that Keith can envision incorporating active life into my work life are those rare occasions when I fit a mid-day climbing session into my schedule.

Would you rather walk 5 miles through the woods, bike 5 miles on the coast, or kayak 5 miles on a river?

M & K) Biking, kayaking and hiking all sound great! It’s a perfect trip when you can include one or more on the same outing. Though, we do have one condition on the kayaking, the river needs to be nice and calm. We had a frightening experience on whitewater once and lost interest in running big rapids!

If the question from the previous topic brought you to a specific destination upon completion, where would you end up. Why?

M & K) Camping at Tomales Bay! Though, I guess that involves kayaking on a bay instead of a river. They have the best bioluminescence in the bay at night. It’s amazing!

Please finish this madlib type sentence. “I love the way that ______________ makes me _____________. It has to do with my ______________ for _____________.”

M & K) “backpacking” “feel” “need” “time away”

In the next scenario, each of you gets to pack luggage for one another for a long weekend vacation. Based on your knowledge of your partner, what would be the 3 most important items that you would choose to put in their bag.

Sacramento Pipeworks

M & K) If Keith was packing for Megan: Sunglasses, a camera, and a book.
If Megan was packing for Keith: Clean underwear, a hairbrush, and a toothbrush. (Keith – I’m not sure what that says about me. I swear I always pack clean underwear!)

In the car, do you prefer NPR over your favorite tunes, and does this question vary based on the time of day?

M & K) When we drive together, we almost always listen to NPR if we can find an NPR station. It varies more on the length of the drive than the time of day. We are more likely to plug in the iPod on long drives or when there are other people in the car.

Would you prefer reading a book, perusing an internet article, or watching a television program? Please place these three items in most accurate order of importance.

M & K) Book, perusing an internet article, watching a television program.
We both like to read, but we do enjoy relaxing on the couch with an adult beverage and Netflix to unwind from a long day. And the cat really likes laps, so that works for everyone.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years, and what key features do you assume will be different about your lives?

M & K) We really don’t see major changes over the next five year. We’ll still be working here in Sacramento and getting outside when we can. One major difference: It might finally be time to pretend we are grown up and actually buy a home!