Mission High School at MC

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Imagine coming to a whole new country, leaving the safety and security of your home for something new and exciting.  For the fifth consecutive year,  a number of Mission High School students visited Mission Cliffs continuing that very idea.

Mission HighSchool Esl 1

In April, a group of 11th grade ESL students stepped out of their comfort zones and conquered their fear of height, leaving the security and comfort of the ground for the exciting heights of the climbing wall. “When I walked in, the rocks are so spectacular,” said Stephanie, a student from Hong Kong. The new climbers hailed from  El Salvador, Guatamala, Mexico, Yemen, Ethopia, China, Hong Kong, and Nicaragua.”I felt so excited and a little scary before you get there. I felt so super scared when I saw all the men and womens were climbing up and sweating too,”  said Wadie, who hails from Yemen. Despite some trepidations, they all had fun in the end. They got a chance to go climbing!  

Mission Highschool ESL 3

Diana, a student from Mexico, said, “In Mission Cliff was a new experienced that was really fun and incredible.”   The students were excited about the difficuty of the climbing and coming back for more. 

Mission Highschool ESL 2

Enmanuel, from El Salvador, expressed his desire to improve. “If I go again, I would like to climb 5.11 because it was very complicated.” A number of the ESL students climbed as hard as 5.10c on their first day. 

Mission Cliffs is a great place for people who want to check out a whole new world.