Neighborhood Youth Association Takes it to the Top at LA Boulders

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Supporting the kids in our community is one of the most effective ways to encourage a healthy, thriving neighborhood, and the Neighborhood Youth Association is doing just that. NYA is an after school program that “provides low-income and at-risk youth with targeted, individualized academic support, leadership development, STEM learning activities, creative writing and arts enrichment, and college readiness.” They do so much for the kids in our community, and LA Boulders was stoked to be a part of NYA’s enrichment program!

NYA serves kids ages 6-18, and mentorship is a big part of their structure. High school students from all over LA become Youth Leaders, and serve as mentors and tutors for younger students at NYA. They also perform community service, participate in elective classes and leadership development workshops, and have academic tutoring. 

With all those extracurriculars, the Youth Leaders were especially in need of an activity where they could loosen up and have fun, as well as challenge themselves. We caught up with NYA after their day of climbing and were thrilled to learn that the students loved LAB:

They didn’t realize that there was a form of climbing that doesn’t require ropes and bungees, and they enjoyed the freedom and challenge of bouldering. The intro lesson forced every single person to step out of their comfort zone so they felt more ready to challenge themselves and try newer and harder paths to the top.

Thank you for brightening our day, NYA Youth Leaders! We’re so happy to have introduced you all to the wonderful world of bouldering, and hope to see you again soon.

For more information about our outreach events, contact LA Boulders at (323) 406-9119.