Offical Report: Dogpatch Boulders is Getting Even More Awesome

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The rumors are true.

Dogpatch Boulders, your favorite bouldering gym in San Francisco, is getting even more awesome. Since opening in 2013 in the Dogpatch District, climbers from around the country have flocked to the legendary gym. But that’s no reason to sit back on our haunches!

In 2015 our neighbors moved out, which led our design team to the only logical conclusion; we could be… bigger. After an exciting planning and design phase, we’ve broken ground and are hard at work! Here is what you can expect in 2016.

New Flooring

When we first opened, the continuous flooring at Dogpatch Boulders was a step in the right direction. But after building [a few] new bouldering gyms, we’ve made improvements, and we’re bringing them back to where it all began! We will be replacing the vinyl flooring with a carpeted cover, and cutting walkways through the gym.

This improvement will help mitigate chalk dust and is friendlier on your knees when walking across the whole gym! Both improvements will help our floors last longer and keep the gym cleaner.

Dogpatch Boulders Expansion

Expanded Climbing Terrain

Mo’ space. Mo’ climbing! Our gym expansion will add even MORE climbing terrain to this already huge bouldering gym. The new walls will extend into the south side of the building and include a variety of vertical fun for your bouldering pressure.

New Weight and Cardio Space

Let’s be real. The existing weight room is a bit… function over form. We’re excited to be expanding the weight room and cardio area to accommodate all your getting swoll needs.

Yoga Studio

Yogies rejoice! Yoga and fitness classes are a staple at Touchstone Climbing & Fitness gyms, and we’re a little late to the party! The studio will be perfect for yoga and fitness classes like kick boxing, TRX and bootcamp.


Expanded Locker Rooms

You need more room to costume change. No further explanation needed.

Our expansion is underway as we speak! Please excuse our dust as we bring you your dream gym, and get PSYCHED for the new and improved Dogpatch Boulders.