Options for Youth Group Come Climbing at Pipeworks

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Sacramento Pipeworks has supported Options For Youth, a community group giving kids a second chance at education, for many years now. “We appreciate their values and the work they do,” said Manager Vaughn Medford.  “We are proud to host them here at Pipeworks.”


From its inception, OFY’s mission has been to recover students who have dropped out of traditional schools or have fallen behind in credits and are at risk of failing. This highly successful program has established a track record of achievement in strengthening student performance. OFY student test scores and graduation rates consistently rank equal to, or above, those of comparable schools.

“Our students had an awesome time,” said Lead Teacher Brad Astin. “All of the students were very excited after the climbing and had a really good time. Several of the students had a great deal of anxiety prior to the event either from a fear of heights or fear of ridicule, but  they all overcame their fears. Every single student made it up at least one climb and several made it up challenging climbs. One student who almost did not participate in the Outdoor Experience program because of climbing, and he couldn’t hold back the smirk at the end of the day. He was clearly very proud of himself!

One of our Carmichael students who is a very shy kid and afraid of heights did not want to climb at all. I brought him over to the bouldering section and after he saw me and a few other students give it a shot he decided to jump in. He was a natural. He flew up the first 4 routes he tried and by the end of the day was challenging other students to new routes.

The students really love the climbing! The kids are always so positive about the climbing and are really starting to get excited about their progress. We greatly appreciate your willingness to have our students climb there and hope we can continue doing so next year. Thanks again for supporting our program!”

Here’s what some of the kids had to say about the event!

“Climbing is cool because it forces me to get over one of my biggest fear…heights. I like to challenge myself and I feel safe doing it there.” – Gabe

“This is one of the first activities like this that I have been good at. I never thought I would get up some of these but I did it. I climbed a 5.10b and most of the boys can’t do that. It is fun.” – Cheyenne

“I like that we don’t have to drive all the way to Tahoe to experience something new. It is just as cool as anything we have done in Tahoe and it is right here. I never knew you could do things like this.” – Miranda.