Climbing Through Barriers: Fresno’s Transitional Age Youth Program at MetalMark

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We at MetalMark Climbing are proud to partner with Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health and provide an active and creative outlet for the Transitional Age Youth Program, which serves young adults ages 17-24 with mental health challenges. Climbing is fun and therapeutic, and Dept. of Behavior Health Clinical Supervisor Jeffery C. Avery was kind enough to tell us about the ways our partnership has benefited the folks at the TAY program:

    It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to write about our partnership with MetalMark and the benefits to Transitional Age Youth in our community. MetalMark has been very gracious in serving those that struggle with mental illness in our community. The mental health challenges that the young adults face has delayed their progress towards becoming independent adults. The opportunity to rock climb has provided experiences for these young adults that they would not have otherwise. Each rock climbing experience results in our young adults reporting that they have learned something that benefits their mental health and supports their efforts toward becoming independent adults. The following are some of the benefits reported by clients:

  • One client reported that she was able to use the fear she experienced during rock climbing as a motivation to push herself to climb higher, to attempt more challenging climbs, and that she now knows that she can use her fear as a motivator to accomplish other things in her life towards independence.
  • Many of our clients have never experienced the support to try new things in life, to challenge themselves, and to see that the world has opportunities beyond there difficult circumstances.
  • A number of clients have expressed an increased desire to try new things and a sense of accomplishment that they have never experienced before.
  • Several clients have reported that overcoming challenges while climbing has given them new hope that they can do other things in life that they never imagined.
  • Clients often express their gratitude for Metal Mark and the staff. Many of our clients have never experienced such generosity and support.

Thank you, MetalMark!

—Jeffery C. Avery, Clinical Supervisor
Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health

If you’d like to work with MetalMark to provide climbing to your outreach group or program, contact us at (559) 229-7900.