Training for Climbing

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Has your climbing hit a plateau? Are you looking for new ways to improve? Touchstone climbing is offering a new workshop taught by one of the companies best climbers.

Justin Alarcon, a 31-year-old climber from Berkeley, has climbed the extremely difficult double digit Yosemite boulder problems Pine Box, Yabo Roof, and Narcissus, the latter of which he climbed at 1:20 am on a July morning without spotters.  Besides having climbed 8a on three different continents, a number of long Yosemite routes,  5.13 sport routes, and having coached climbing since the early 2000s, Alarcon is finishing up his NASM personal training certification.  Most notably, Justin’s climbing has continuously improved over his 12+ years on rock.   Part of Justin’s success stems from his training.

“The first time I did any kind of structured training program was prior to a two month trip to South Africa’s Rocklands. This turned out to be a watershed experience for me because my performance on rock far exceeded anything that I had done before that and it was so obvious what the only difference had been,” said Alarcon.

Beginning March 19th, Alarcon will be holding a 6 week intensive climbing workshop designed to motivate and train climbers interested in climbing specific training.

“This workshop will be focused teaching climbers how to structure their training to further their own goals. Some of the material is very general in that it can be applied to most climbers regardless of their goals, but some of the material will be tailored to the individuals to address their specific strengths and weaknesses,” said Alarcon. “We’ll spend time on the wall, in the weight room and maybe even some time on the basketball court.”

“My goal in doing this workshop is simply to introduce motivated climbers to the tools they’ll need to structure a climbing and training routine based around meeting their own climbing objectives. The benefits of this workshop will extend well beyond its six-week duration.”

Don’t make the same mistakes that thousands of climbers have made by overtraining, training incorrectly, or simply by not training at all.

2016 update: Justin is now managing Dogpatch Boulders, San Francisco’s largest bouldering gym. Stop by the gym to try and score some free training advice!