What is the Woman Up Comp?

Our 2024 Woman Up competition kicks off on Friday, February 9th. It will be set by an all-women and nonbinary routesetting crew and is intended for women and nonbinary folx of all levels and ages. Whether you’re an actual pro or you’ve never competed before, you’ll find high-quality routes at every grade and tons of fun at both the Citizens and Open comp levels.

Everyone is encouraged to spectate, cheer, and support the competitors!

Comp Types


The Citizens Comp runs from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, February 10th. It is broken down into three difficulty ranges (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and four age categories:

0-16 17-35 36-49 50+

Now’s your chance to meet your peers and join in a little friendly competition! The Citizens Comp is self-scored. Whenever you’re done climbing, you can check out the Community Market, food trucks, and snag a beer while you hang out and wait for the Finals at 6pm—it’s gonna be quite a show!


Women and nonbinary folx who are ready for the big leagues will want to compete in the Open for a chance at the Finals and a cash purse. There are no age categories for the Open. Just be ready to try your hardest!

Put your skills to the test in the qualifying redpoint round, taking place from 4:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday, February 9th. There are rules meetings at 3:45pm, 4:45pm, and 5:45pm. Open competitors will be scored by judges as they climb the Qualifiers’ 10 boulder problems.

The top 6 finishers from Qualifiers will advance to the onsight Open Finals for an all-out crushfest. Held on Saturday from 6pm to 9pm, Open Finals will be a World Cup format: 4 minutes on, 4 minutes off, with ten-second transitions.



When you arrive and register, you will get a scorecard—keep this!

The Citizens Comp is self-scored. After you complete a problem, find it on your scorecard and circle the points associated with how many attempts it took you to complete it. One try? Two tries? Three tries? You get the idea. Have your spotter or someone who saw you complete the climb initial each score.

At the end of the day, turn in your scorecard and the staff will add up your top five highest scores for your total. Easy. Plus, turning in your scorecard automatically enters you into our raffle. Once you’re done climbing and have turned in your score card, just kick back, relax, and wait for the rain of prizes!


The Open Comp routes will require a judge’s initials for a send to be counted toward your score. Your overall score is determined by tallying up your top five scores.

The top 6 finishers from Qualifiers will advance to the Finals round at 6 pm on Saturday.


100% of the proceeds from competition fees and spectator passes will be donated to Bolt & Revolt—a non-profit creating a global coalition of women, non-binary, trans & genderqueer climbing setters that creates space to uplift, support, & empower our community.


In addition to entry, the first 350 participants to check in for the event will get a Woman Up shirt, a discount at the food truck, and a swag bag.

Pricing BEFORE December 31st Pricing STARTING January 1st
Free for Members, $20 Suggested Donation Free for Members, $20 Suggested Donation
$25 for Non-Members $45 for Non-Members

In addition to entry, the first 350 participants to check in for the event will get a Woman Up shirt, a discount at the food truck, and a swag bag.

Pricing BEFORE December 31st Pricing STARTING January 1st
$45 for Members $65 for Members
$75 for Non-Members $95 for Non-Members

All spectators, members or non-members, will need a waiver on file.

Free for Members
$10 Non-Members


Did we mention prizes already? Stick around at the end of the Citizens Comp for a raffle stuffed with super sweet goodies from your favorite climbing companies! Remember, your scorecard is your raffle ticket—once you turn it in, you automatically have a chance to win.

In addition to a raffle, we’ll be tossing out free swag to our stoked spectators throughout the Open Comp, and category winners will be awarded a handsome cash purse.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place
$4000 $2500 $1500 $900 $600 $500


Psyched yet? Then be sure to register:

Register Here

Once you’ve registered, just follow these steps and you’ll be good to go:

  • Prepay + RSVP for the event online before arriving.
  • Everyone entering the gym will need a waiver on file. Please take a moment to complete this waiver now.
  • Get your comp code. Your comp code is yours for life. If you have competed in a Touchstone Climbing competition, you already have a comp code. You can look it up here. If you have never competed, welcome! Registration is fast and free.


In addition to Cliffs of Id’s private parking lot (accessible from both Fairfax and Hines), there is a 3-hr public parking lot across Fairfax and metered street parking on Fairfax, Washington, Adams, and Hines. See the map below or click here for a map highlighting the various parking options.

A map highlighting parking spots around Cliffs of Id.


The Jefferson/La Cienega stop on the Metro Expo Line has parking as well and is only a ten minute walk from Cliffs of Id. Again, please see the map below.

A map showing the walk route from the metro live station to Cliffs of Id.
Bicycle Parking

There is outdoor bicycle parking.

Public Transportation

Cliffs of Id is very accessible by bus. The nearest bus stops are Fairfax & Adams, serviced by the 38 bus line, and Washington & Fairfax, serviced by the Commuter Express 437.

As mentioned above, Cliffs of Id is a 10-minute walk from the Jefferson/La Cienega stop on the Metro Expo Line. This line runs from Downtown LA to Santa Monica.

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