Announcing: Verdigo Boulders

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Get excited Burbank, because we’re coming for you!

Remember that Name Our Gym contest we held back in May? Well, not only is this new project fully underway, we now have a great name to go along with it!

That’s right, in what will be the fourth Touchstone Climbing gym in the Greater LA Area, we are thrilled to announce Verdigo Boulders in Burbank, California.

A play on the words “vertigo” and “Verdugo,” after the Verdugo Mountains that frame the northern border of the San Fernando Valley, Verdigo Boulders will bring the quality routesetting and fitness amenities we know locals and visitors alike will love. We’re excited to be building the Burbank community’s next home away from home.

We got some great suggestions from many people, but special props go to Jacob Patapoff, Isaac Pearlman, and Markus Bauer for inspiring the name. While none of them quite landed on “Verdigo,” their suggestions ultimately put us on the right track for coming up with a winner. By way of thanks, these three folks will be receiving free 6-month Touchstone memberships. Nice job, guys!

Verdigo Boulders will be a bouldering-only gym. We will again be working with the incredible Walltopia team, which means that you can expect the same beautifully made walls and features seen at other Touchstone gyms. Keep an eye out for this newest edition to the Touchstone family in 2017, and if you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest Verdigo news, be sure to follow our Facebook page and Instagram.