DeSENDber Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Gift Ideas for Climbers

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Whether you’re a get-the-Christmas-tree-the-day-after-Thanksgiving type or more of a gift-giving/receiving opportunist, December is a time for all of us to come together and celebrate crispy temps and sending conditions. Nothing says “I want you to send” more than a thoughtful gift from you local climbing gym; and every Touchstone gym has a retail area with just about everything a climber could need, from the budding crusher to the local legend. And don’t forget, members get 10% off gear purchases over $75 all year round! (Logowear not included.)

And don’t forget, members get 10% off gear purchases over $75 all year round!

To make this year’s gift-giving season a little easier, here’s a list of stocking stuffers and holiday gift ideas for climbers of all interests and abilities.

Touchstone Socks and Hats

For the friend who’s sock game is always on point, we have knee-, crew-, and mini crew-length Touchstone socks to add to their arsenal of awesome. They come with or without the cat print but…c’mon.

If cat socks are a little too much for you, we also have Touchstone hats for keeping the sun out of your eyes as you scope out the line on your next proj. Whether you prefer the trucker style or five-panel, both fit nicely under a climbing helmet.

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8B+ Creature Chalk Bags

These fuzzy pals showing off a couple of our hats are more than great models, they’re great chalk bags! Each creature chalk bag has its own distinct personality in addition to a zipper pocket and an elastic mesh pocket for your brushes and tape. They make especially good gifts for the young at heart (which for climbers means anyone from the age of four to 80+).

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Okay, hear us out: Headlamps sound kind of boring and obvious, but no one likes getting cliffed out on their descent because they forgot a torch and took a wrong turn. They’re one of the (no-)handiest things to have around, and they make great stocking stuffers. We keep them in our cars, our day packs, our kitchen drawers, our bug-out bags…If you’re like us, you can never have too many headlamps! We’ve got Petzl and Black Diamond headlamps ranging from $20 to $90 depending how adventurous you get after dark.

The Wave Tool

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Don’t let its simple appearance fool you—the Wave Tool is one of the most high tech soft tissue/myofascial release tools out there! You can do anything with this little guy, from finger pulley and tendon care to elbow tendonitis treatment to plantar fasciitis treatment and more. Plus, it fits easily in a pocket. It’s a little funky-looking, but it’s proven to be one of the most effective and functional self-care tools in our kit. It is absolutely essential for any IASTM geeks out there. (There are all sorts of helpful tutorial videos available online, too!)

Belay Glasses

What do nerds and people with belay glasses have in common? They know what’s up. But seriously, what could be a better gift than keeping your friend healthy and pain-free? (Plus, they’ll have less reason to complain while you dog your way up your project.)decorative image

Climbing Guidebooks

Give the gift of good beta and grab a guidebook! We have an impressive selection from local favorites to destinations across the country. The brand new Owens River Gorge Climbs guidebook by Marty Lewis JUST dropped and would be a great addition to the collection of anyone in constant search for high-quality stone.

Rumpl Blankets and Mountain Hardware Fleeces

Sometimes you just want to keep the ones closest to your heart cozy, whether they’re huddling by the campfire in Bishop or by the space heater in their poorly-insulated rental. Rumpl Blankets are durable, light, easy to store, and easy to clean. (They make great dog blankets too if you like pampering your pooch as much as we do. ❤️?) And it doesn’t really get much cozier than a classic half-zip fleece from Mountain Hardware. It makes a great midlayer, or outer layer for SoCal when the temps drop below 70°.

Gift Cards

Want to get your friends ALL THE THINGS? Then get them a Touchstone gift card! You can either get a super swanky real life plastic card, or buy a digital one online. (This option is especially nice for folks who are extra conscious about waste or live far away.) These work at all Touchstone locations and can be for any amount, whether you want to send them a small thank you for being rad or get them an annual membership. Pro tip: members get 15% off the beginner climber package (harness, shoes, ATC, locking carabiner, and chalk bag), so gifting them a little extra towards their first gear purchase as a climber can be really sweet.

Pro tip: members get 15% off the beginner climber package (harness, shoes, ATC, locking carabiner, and chalk bag)

However you choose to celebrate the season, we hope we’ve given you some useful holiday gift ideas for climbers. There’s so much to choose from in our retail spaces—If you need help picking out something specific, grab one of our friendly and knowledgeable desk staff to point you in the right direction!

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