Holiday Gear Sales!

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If things like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sleep In and Buy Something Sunday, and Cyber Monday confuse you… chances are you are an outdoor or urban enthusiast who is too busy climbing, hiking and adventuring! Kudos to you.

But chances are you still crave a good deal so we have you covered. This December at Touchstone Climbing you wont have to worry about missing a killer deal because the sale lasts all month! Here’s the plan for our December to Remember Gear Sale!

20% Off Gear of the week!

Get 20% off the sweet gear you know you were going to buy anyway! Stock up on gifts for your mom, dad, lover, belay partner, belay partner you’d like to be your lover…. There’s something for everyone at your local Touchstone Climbing gym and nothing says convenient like shopping for presents at the gym. It’s a one-stop-shop for fitness and holiday goodies.

Chalk bags, Chalk Buckets, and Chalk

20% off November 30th-December 6th:

Your chalk bucket is the window to your soul. Consider your choice carefully when selecting the perfect bag for the climber on your list. Are they a classic blue and teal prAna chalk bag? Are they a funky and fun Krieg bag? Or maybe a hip and unique Organic bucket? Whatever their preference, don’t forget the good stuff inside! Chalk is 20% off too and sweaty palms never go out of season.

Cams, Nuts, Quickdraws, Gri-Gri’s and more!

20% off December 7th-13th

Wow, this is mega. You know how you have been stepping up your game recently and trying to red-point more? And your belay partner has diligently belayed your butt as you hang-dog your way up the wall? It’s time for a gri-gri my friend. Grab one for a cool 20% off and everybody wins. And heck, while you are at it, buy that rack you’ve always wanted?


20% off December 14th-20th

Congratulations, you are officially a procrastinator. Hanukkah is over. Festivus is days away and Christmas isn’t far behind. We’re at DEFCON 3, and time is running out! Good thing the retail area is chalk full of the season’s latest shwag from prAna, Patagonia, Black Diamond, and more. Come to the gym for a workout and leave with cam’s for dad, a beanie for brother and a Mountain Hardwear sweater for mom.

Crisis averted.

More Clothing!

20% off December 21st – 27th

Your holiday shopping is over and now it’s time to TREAT YO SELF! That Patagonia vest you’ve been eyeing is going to look amazing on you. Those Mojo shorts will help you climb better. Plus, those Kara jeans do make your butt look good. Stock up now! With prices like these who cares if you already have them in blue, maroon and tan?!

Have a wonderful holiday season and happy gear shopping!

Gear Sales at Touchstone Climbing