Kickstart Your Climbing in our New 4-Week Clinic

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So you’ve been climbing for a while…

You’re in the gym a couple of times a week. You’ve managed to wrangle a handful of reliable climbing partners. You’ve downsized your shoes, and a photo of you crushing your project has become your profile pic.

Everything is going great.. and then suddenly you hit… a plateau.


When you first start climbing, improvements come easily. You learn that using your feet is actually really helpful… and BAM! You’re climbing a grade harder. You learn to backstep… and WHAM! You’re crushing your projects left and right. But inevitably you will reach a grade that you just can’t seem to break through…  and that’s where we come in.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Señor Einstein had it right. If you’re ready to kick it up a notch, why not check out our new Kickstart Your Climbing Clinic? In this 4-week clinic, you’ll meet once a week in a small group with staff member Josh Foster to go over climbing technique, power circuits, and conditioning.

Learn to Climb at Sacramento Pipeworks

Josh has been climbing since before you had a Facebook account, and coaching National level youth champions at Sacramento Pipeworks for over 5  years.

“I’m excited to be teaching this month long clinic to help build fitness and overall body strength for climbing. After meeting once a week, each participant will leave with a tailored workout plan to help tackle their weaknesses and break through their plateaus.”

Learn to Climb at Sacramento Pipeworks

And if all that wasn’t enough, this class will also help you meet new climbing partners. “Our 4-week clinics are a great way to become a part of our community,” said Manager Vaughn Medford. “It’s a blast to see the same faces each week and get to know new members a bit better.”

The next session begins on Thursday, April 14th.

Kickstart Your Climbing Clinic

Members: $100

Non-members: $150

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