Sacramento Pipeworks in Comstock’s Magazine

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We’re proud to be able to provide both a workout and community space for everyone! Comstock’s Magazine recently wrote about the popularity of fitness alternatives and highlighted all of the great amenities Sacramento Pipeworks provides. In addition to (of course!) shouting our our climbing walls, they also commented on our numerous studio and fitness options. Quoting Sacramento local KCRA meteorologist Tamara Berg (who was also one of our Members of the Month!), Comstock’s Magazine says:

Pipeworks also has one of the Sacramento area’s largest and most popular CrossFit gyms and offers group classes such as yoga, pilates and cycling. KCRA meteorologist Tamara Berg joined Pipeworks four years ago and does CrossFit classes five to six times a week, jumping on boxes, doing deadlifts and climbing ropes. “CrossFit has become a staple in my life,” Berg says. “Some of my best friends I’ve met at Pipeworks, and they hold me accountable for sticking to workouts.”

Check out the whole article here.