Meet Cliffs of Id Manager Remi Moehring

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12091200_708378479296523_8275595659152710381_oWe’re happy to announce that Remi Moehring will be managing our newest gym in Culver City, the Cliffs of Id. Remi got her start with Touchstone Climbing at Mission Cliffs in San Francisco and has been managing LA Boulders for the past two years. We caught up with Remi to find out a bit more about our new fearless leader!

What are you most excited about in managing the Cliffs of Id?

I’m really excited about creating a new community! When we opened LA Boulders two years ago, it was this mosaic of people coming from all over the Los Angeles area, and now it feels like a family. I think the same thing will happen at Cliffs of Id. Plus, I’m SO excited to get on some ROPES!

What will you miss the most about LA Boulders?

Definitely the people, but the gyms are so close I’m sure I’ll see most of them at one point or another. It’s also fun to be the first of something. LA Boulders  was LA’s first Touchstone bouldering gym, and even though Cliffs of Id is bigger, LA.B will always be the Marsha to our Jan.

You moved from SF to manage LA Boulders, What is your favorite thing about LA?

The fact that you can do any outdoor activity at any time because we haven’t seen a drop of rain in two years. Thanks, global warming! The pollution also makes for killer sunsets. Unlike the Bay Area, there’s a ton of great climbing within an hour, so it’s been great to be able to take day trips again.

Which famous woman in history would you love to play in a movie/tv show if given the chance and why?

I would not love to play anyone in a movie, unless it somehow got me closer to being in the vicinity of RuPaul, but I’d say either Cleopatra or Lucille Ball. I’d also need acting skills to do this… but I think for that I’d have to perform a ritual that requires a lock of Meryl Streep’s hair.

What do you do when you’re not rock climbing?

11079362_10100463383323082_4221369489903550924_nI love to go roller-blading along the beach. I keep them in my car so I’m prepared for all possible blading situations. I’ve also been taking jewelry and metal-smithing classes and started getting into aerial arts. In LA you need to take up lots of hobbies to distract you from the traffic. Beach napping is still priority number one though.

When will Cliffs of Id Open?

Definitely our most frequently asked question…. right now we’re working really hard for a soft opening in December, so stay tuned!

Edit: Cliffs of Id opened in late 2015. Check out their progress on Instagram