Member of the Month – Conan Ridzik

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Meandering around the weight room at Pipeworks, you will hear many distinctive conversations. If you listen closely, you may even hear of the modern day search for gold! Literally. Member Conan Ridzik has spent a number of years panning for nuggets of the precious commodity that drove many fortune hunters out to California. “If you don’t know (him) by now, you will never ever know (him)…no you won’t.”

This month, you have “got to give it up” for…

Sacramento Pipeworks

Member of the Month – Conan Ridzik

B)You are stranded in the woods, but you can have any two household items from your daily life. What would you choose and why?

Ridzik) First off, this is a really tough question to answer because I’m a Virgo. This sounds terrible but I’d bring matches and a newspaper. My plan would to be to start the largest fire possible. Forest fires tend to attract attention and I would probably get saved. Although, I might do some time afterwards.

B) You have just been told that you no longer need to work for a living and will have everything you need provided. What is the first thing you would do?

R) I’d grab a cup of coffee and go for my first walk as a free person. I wonder if it would feel any different?

B) There is a parade rolling into town, and you have a chance to ride on one of the floats. Which would you choose, and why?

R) It would have to be something pro union or pro worker. I’d settle for a democratic socialist float too.

B) What would be your favorite karaoke song to sing if nobody was watching?

R) Marvin Gaye – Gotta give it up.

B) Tim Burton & Danny Elfman or George Lucas & John Williams. Which pair of collaborators best represent your taste in movies/soundtracks?

R) Tim Burton & Danny Elfman.


B) Cats or dogs? Why do you think it matters so much to most people?

R) Dogs are a pain in the ass, and cats are self centered. I can see why we love them.

B) How has mining for gold changed your thinking about yourself? Has it altered your perspective on life?

R) I never thought I’d have the fever, but I was mistaken. Never underestimate what gold can do to a person’s soul!

B) What are the top two types of things that stick around in your email inbox?

R) I’m an email hoarder. What doesn’t stick around?!

B) Internet stories or printed books? What do you like best about your answer?

R) Internet stories without a doubt. I have ADD, and the ease that one can jump from story to story and then back again is awesome! Trying that with a bunch of books sounds messy.

B) What question would you ask yourself in this interview that I haven’t asked you yet? Provide your question and answer here.

R) What is your political preference? I’m registered as a Democrat, but I feel like my views are best represented by Bernie Sanders. I think Democratic socialist would best describe me.