Member of the Month: Sue Karlton

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Sacramento Pipeworks Please do yourself a favor today, and take a moment to meet another intriguing member of our gym-centered social circle. Sue is sometimes found near the stretching area, demanding that the eager, young staff find her a book holder for her treadmill. She is as sweet and sassy as they come, and that is why we LOVE having her at Pipeworks! Today, we have a chance to get down to the nitty gritty, and find out more about the travels, animals, (and of course, the soups) that keep her flourishing in our small town of Sacramento. As a matter of fact, you can’t even say the name Sue Karlton around this place without smiling. Look around, she could be smiling right back at you!

Bove) Word on the street is that you have just officially retired. How does this new lifestyle differ from your previous day to day?

Karlton) UTTER FREEDOM…I don’t get up when it is dark (unless catching a plane), I can avoid traffic, and anything I don’t get done today can be addressed tomorrow. Until I look at the paper, I have little idea what day it is, and it doesn’t really matter. What’s a weekend?
And I am doing all those things, and more, that I always wanted to do…including learning another language and playing the ukulele.

B) Do you enjoy books or internet stories better?

K) The internet has great pictures, if you know what I mean, but I read books, a lot of them, even on the treadmill.

B) To what activities do you attribute your athleticism, youthful demeanor, and smiles?

K) People say I am hyper, so I guess I just move around a lot. I jump from activity to activity rapidly and just seem to squirm. I love coming to Pipeworks, and that encourages trying to be athletic. Smile is from getting to see Jason Bove so often (and I am naturally pretty upbeat), and I use good skin care products (gave up the lye soap). And Jenny Ferrera for sure!! Great having my child Emily back home and coming to PW; that gives me a permanent smile. It also helps that I always take more than 2 towels!

B) You have been coming to Pipeworks for years now. What qualities of the facility keep you coming back time after time?

K) What keeps me coming back to Pipeworks? I love working out in a climate-controlled setting with sparkling clean mats! Actually, don’t mind either but love the high ceilings, light thru the ivy and the atmosphere of laughter and warmth. No one is stuck-up or on the make. And dogs, love the dogs!

B) Do you have/had pets, and how do enjoy spending time with her/him?

K) Charlotte, my wire-haired pointer, is my constant companion. She is an excellent traveler and lives to run in the fields across from my house on the Sacramento River—she has never seen a mud puddle she didn’t wallow in. And she sleeps under the covers with me.

B) Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny? Which character can you relate to more?

K) Daffy seems to always be in a bad mood, and Bugs has better ears—Bugs all the way!

Sacramento PipeworksB) Is there a favorite cuisine to prepare at home, and why?

K) Soup, soup, soup—cuz I love vegetables and chicken, and there is an infinite variety (I get bored easily). Making butternut squash soup from this morning’s farm box even as we speak.

B) As far as travel is concerned, where would be your ideal destination?

K) My ideal destination would be be 3 months traveling to the following places: Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Granada/Seville, Sicily, Morocco, Croatia (for the beaches), Istanbul, and places in between.

B) Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

K) Watch the ocean, splash in the pool, lie on the sand….simple. Didn’t really get past elementary back stroke, which I have mastered by the way.

B) If you could have one superpower, which would you choose, and why?

K) Superpower? What makes you think I don’t have them all already? Duh.