Sweat, Smile, and Spin at Berkeley Ironworks

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Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Looking for the fastest way to get the greatest cardiovascular and muscular endurance gains? Or maybe you’re just looking for a strong, tight-knit community? Then look no further than spin classes at Berkeley Ironworks!

Why Spin at Berkeley Ironworks?

The indoor cycling program at Berkeley Ironworks, born in an Emeryville gym in 1996, was the first—and now, the longest lasting—spinning program in the East Bay. Over the years it has attracted riders of all backgrounds, ages and interests: cyclists, climbers, runners, outdoor and indoor enthusiasts of all types who are seeking a challenging workout in a friendly, community environment.


Why Should You Spin?

Let us count the reasons:

  • You will get a vigorous workout in 1 hour that would otherwise take several hours
  • You will become physically fit quicker than you thought possible
  • You will reap the benefits associated with strenuous exercise: a robust cardiovascular system, stronger legs, and increased energy and endurance
  • You will burn enough calories to promote weight management
  • You will encounter wonderful people in every class—instructors and riders alike—who will support and encourage you, and you will make new and lifelong friendships
  • You will experience what it feels like to work hard with low to no impact on your bones and joints
  • You will experience being in a state of solitude while surrounded by others, alone but never lonely

Who Teaches the Classes?

Instructors with years of experience, grounded in principles of training, but different in approaches and styles. The music varies from funk to rock to pop to dance to country (with classical thrown in for good measure). There is something for everyone: endurance riding, interval training, and all-terrain simulations that include hill climbs, fast flat roads, accelerations, and sprints.



When we asked for testimonials from our spinners, we were floored by the sheer volume of effusive praise they all had for the program! While we wish we could include every word and testimonial, here is just a very small sampling of some of the feedback from our members—these are the people who make each class so great to be a part of.

I’ve been doing the indoor cycling training program at Ironworks for about ten years. […] This is not your show-up-listen-to-tunes-and-sweat-a-little kind of program. The classes are thoughtfully varied and comprehensively organized throughout the week in a way that furthers one’s overall conditioning. […] For a 30-year long outdoor road cyclist like myself, I can say that these indoor classes have done more for my outdoor riding than anything else I have ever done. […] It’s a great community and a great program.

–Rob H.



I have been doing these classes for some 18 years. […] Spin classes led the way to weekend riding, then to morning rides before work and spin classes after, then to AIDS rides, Centuries, Double Centuries, then to adventure travel. But spin was always at the center: providing a focused cardio-intensive workout in an environment of friendly fun. Many, many dear friends have been made in these experiences. [Spin] has been a place for play, a respite from a busy day, a source of inspiration and growth, and a celebration of life…and without it I wouldn’t have met my wife!

–Lawrence C.



In the 4 years I have been a “regular” at Ironworks, the instructors have not changed. Why? Because the classes are more than just spinning on a bike, Ironworks spin program is a little family of wonderful people who reach out to each other, care about people in general, have fun, and make every new member feel welcome. […] One specific recommendation—get padded shorts if you want to give it a fair try.

–Karen H.


Coming back after 2 years away, the spinners [at Ironworks] welcomed me with open arms and within 9 months I lost 55 lbs! It’s been now 2.5 years since then and I am at my best fitness level ever, training to be a mountaineer and a long thru-hiker.

–S Petropoulou



Unlike the revolving door of classes at other gyms, BIW has a core set of instructors who are different but all guaranteed to make you break a sweat. I appreciate that there are experienced outdoor cyclists, people who supplement their other workouts, and people who’ve never been on an actual bike. Most importantly, participants and instructors genuinely care about each other and there is no judgment or competitiveness during classes.

–Juwen L.



At the end of 2015 I had a serious osteoarthritis flare up in my right knee which limited my ability to walk (frankly I was hobbling), and caused me tremendous discomfort, often pain. The spin program helped me through an aggressive rehab regime. The proof of my success: in May of 2016 I was able to go on a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon for 6 days and 5 nights. We hiked over 65 miles. There’s no way I would of had the strength and mobility in my legs to be able to accomplish such a feat without the BIW spin program.

–Natasha N.


Check the online calendar, speak to staff at the front desk, or feel free to contact the program coordinator, Wendy Georges: [email protected]. If you decide to check it out, plan to come 15-20 minutes early to your first class to get set up on the bike and oriented to the instructions. Needless to say, we would love to have you. For more information, check out these helpful tips about indoor cycling at Touchstone.