Team Touchstone Athlete Profile: Hanna Grossman

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Touchstone Climbing is proud to support our competitive climbing climb team. At each gym, there are passionate and dedicated young climbers of all ages who have made climbing a priority and train to compete in regional, national and international events. We sat down with Hanna Grossman, who has been climbing since she was 10 years old.

“Hanna is an extremely hardworking climber, who always pushes herself to get better no matter the amount of success she has had in her climbing career,” said Scott Cory, who has worked with Hanna as a coach for years. “She is also an incredible role model to the younger athletes on the team due to her inspiring dedication and work ethic.”

Team Touchstone

What are some of your notable competition achievements?

I have made it to Nationals every year that I have competed. Some of my best national rankings are 11th in bouldering, 10th in speed climbing, and 14th in sport climbing.

What are some of your proudest outdoor sends?

Some of my proudest sends have been in Bishop and Smith Rock. I’ve sent Heinous Cling (5.12a), Acid Wash Right (V7), and Go Granny Ho (V7).


That’s awesome! What would you say is your favorite style of climbing?

Definitely technical and crimpy climbing, which might be why Smith Rock and Bishop are my favorite places to climb outside.

What is your most memorable climbing experience?

Winning the Divisional Championships rope climbing., and then training for nationals at the national training camp.

What is your Favorite aspect of rock climbing and/or competition climbing?

I love training 100% with my teammates. It’s so rewarding to reach my competition goals after training hard.

What’s something your teammates might not know about you?

As a junior in high school, I currently have a 4.33 GPA and have never received anything less than an A.

..woah! Nice work!