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We are proud to be supporting Team Touchstone, a comprehensive and competitive youth climbing team. Interesting in our youth climbing program? We sat down with head coaches Zach Wright and Scott Cory to find out more. 

Zach Wright, a 22-year-old philosophy undergraduate student at UC Berkeley and Bay Area native, and Scott Cory, a 24-year-old Pleasant Hill resident with an extensive background in competing and coaching in the USA youth circuit, will be acting as the Co-Head Coach of Team Touchstone with a focus on the competitive team.


“The aim of Team Touchstone is to provide a comprehensive climbing instruction experience that will enable young climbers to progress as far as possible in the sport,” said Wright. “The new team will allow climbers to enter into Team Touchstone at any level and receive excellent climbing instruction, whether they are brand new to the sport or looking to compete at the highest level.”

That translates into 3 levels of youth climbing teams: recreational, intermediate and competitive. With 75-100 youth climbers spread through the Californian gyms, there will be a program for climbers at any level. “By having a multiple level team, we can ensure that each climber is on the appropriate team to facilitate learning,” said Cory.


The Recreational team will be ideal for climbers looking to develop a love for the sport while addressing the basics of technique and becoming a well-rounded climber in a social, relaxed environment. The intermediate team provides a training environment for climbers who want to become more serious with the sport. This team will focus on technique, strength, and strategy development while maintaining a fun, social climbing experience. Climbers on the intermediate team will have the option of attending competitions to see if the competitive team is right for them. Try outs and coach recommendation are suggested for the intermediate level.

The Competitive team climbs in the USAC (USA Climbing) competition in the bouldering series in the fall through winter and the sport/speed climbing in the spring and summer. Competitive climbers travel extensively on a state and national level with an opportunity to compete globally. The team is for highly dedicated climbers who want a challenging training environment and are prepared to attend all levels of USAC competitions. The team focuses on technique development, strength training, and competition strategy.

To find out more email [email protected] for further details.

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“With the introduction of our team, Touchstone will establish itself as the cornerstone of our local youth climbing community, as well as a strong presence in the competitive climbing scene,” said Wright. “We’re in the process of opening three more gyms in Southern California, and I’m aiming to get the Southern California component of our team up and running as soon as possible. Going forward, we will continue to provide a platform for any local youth climbers who want to push their climbing as far as it can go. My aim within the next few years is to have climbers competing internationally, proving that we truly have a world-class program here at Touchstone.”