Adaptive Athlete Cody Elliott Climbs with Valley Children’s Hospital at MetalMark

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In 2011, while leading his men on morning foot patrol, an IED explosion left 21-year-old Lance Cpl. Cody Elliott severely injured.

Cody Elliot, Adaptive Sports, MetalMark ClimbingHis left leg was amputated at mid-thigh, and he had a broken fibula and tibia in his right leg, along with severe calf muscle damage and 40% skin loss on his right leg. His left index finger was amputated, and his hand had soft tissue damage. He had severe nerve damage to his right eye, partial loss of hearing in his right ear, and a shattered jawbone.

On that day, his life changed forever.

But Cody hasn’t let his injuries get in the way of living life on his terms. He became an Adaptive Sports Athlete and set out to prove to himself and the world that he could do anything he set his mind to. On Sept. 11, 2014, Cody climbed El Captian in Yosemite National Park alongside among 15 disabled veterans  to commemorate lives lost on 9/11.

Cody continues to inspire climbers with his positive attitude and determination. In December, Cody came to MetalMark Climbing + Fitness to climb with children from the Valley Children’s Hospital Adaptive Sports Program.

Adaptive Sports and Cody Elliot at MetalMark Climbing

MetalMark Climbing has been working closely with the Valley Children’s Hospital Adaptive Sports Program for the past three years. The Adaptive Sports Program provides recreational and athletic experiences for those with disabilities.

“We’ve developed a program here at MetalMark where a group of children, staff, and volunteers can come to the gym regularly to climb,” said Manager Marie Garringer. “We’ve loved seeing our relationship with Adaptive Sports grow. It’s wonderful for the children in the program, and it’s transformative for our members and guests.”

Find out more about the Valley Children’s Hospital Adaptive Sports Program, and how you can get involved in our outreach programming at MetalMark Climbing + Fitness.

Video by: JP Moya