Applying the Habits of Mind at The Studio Climbing

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Kameelah Green, a teacher in the Evergreen School District, took the time to write about her experience bringing students to The Studio Climbing. We’re so happy to be able to support community groups such as this one!

On Thursday, July 31st 2014, The Studio Climbing in downtown San Jose welcomed thirty-five overjoyed fifth graders to put into practice everything they’d learned in summer school. Traditionally, summer school is about brushing up on basic math facts and reading skills, but at Evergreen School District’s Career Tech Summer Academy, students became re-engaged in academics through project-based learning. This particular group of students worked on developing strong “Habits of Mind”, such as ‘Taking Responsible Risks’, ‘Persisting’, ‘Thinking Flexibly’, and ‘Remaining Open to Continuous Learning’. They also created digital stories about overcoming a life obstacle, such a being bullied, shyness, or the death of a loved one – just to name a few. The vision was to end the academy with a challenging task such as hiking Mission Peak or reaching the top of a rock wall. With the support and generosity of Evergreen’s Denise Williams and The Studio, that dream came true!

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Trying to contain the students’ positive energy was probably the most difficult part of the field trip. They dove into the rope challenges with gusto, and many conquered several different walls. Even those that didn’t make it to the tops of the walls were thrilled to beat their own fears or to progress further than they thought they could. Zuleymi, one of the quietest and least confident students, took to the walls like spider girl and made it to the top of each wall and virtually upside down on another with ease! As a whole, the children continually beamed with pride and power – feelings every teacher wants for their students!

If you are looking for the kind of field trip that leaves students declaring things like, “At first I was scared to try it, but I kept telling myself ‘don’t give up’!” or “I’m so proud of myself!” or even “That was the BEST experience ever!” – then consider taking your class to the Studio Climbing in downtown San Jose. From the friendly and experienced staff members to the flexible and responsive coordinator to the diverse and motivating rock walls – it’s a winning adventure!