Do Beer and Pizza Mix with Rock Climbing

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Ever since we announced our plans to open a brewery next door to Sacramento Pipeworks, our members and guests have just one  question….. ‘WHEN?!’

Recently ABC 10 paid a visit to the gym to discuss our plans. Check out the full story and video here. 

Most people go to the gym to work off the pizza and beer. But at the Sacramento rock climbing gym Pipeworks, you’ll soon be able to climb, and indulge in a slice and a pint, all at the same place.

“People won’t leave me alone about it. They’re really excited. I probably answer the question, when are you guys going to open the brewery 20 times a day,” Pipeworks manager Vaughn Medford said.

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The answer to that question is a little bit up in the air. Pipeworks is looking to open the brewpub late 2016 or early 2017. It’s being called Pintworks – a play on the Pipeworks name – and the rotating beers on tap will reflect the climbing culture.

“There [will be] a bunch of different climbing-related beers. Maybe mountain related – I thought about naming them after famous routes,” brewmaster Ryan Campagna told ABC10 News.

Medford says the idea started years ago, but at the time seemed more like a Pipeworks pipe dream. The company, however, has 41,000 square feet of space in Sacramento’s River District, where there aren’t many dining options. That made the idea of a pizza-and-beer spot all the more appetizing.

“It’s kind of the black hole for food – that’s my joke that I normally tell people. There’s not a lot of services here,” Medford said.

Ultimately, though, the goal is that Pintworks will help bring the gym’s climbers and members closer together.

“It is very much to grow the community. Everything we do is with that in mind,” Medford said.

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