Belay Glasses

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Long belay sessions at the climbing gym can take their toll.  Sitting in your harness for long periods can become uncomfortable, straining your neck to watch your partner dog up a route can be painful, and often your patience can be taxed.


To help with one of those problems, companies have manufactured belay glasses, specially designed glasses built from prisms that allow the climber to look up without having to strain their neck.  



These glasses are perfect for steep and overhanging terrain, where the belayer is close to the wall and has to tilt their head back to view the climber.  By simply looking through the prisms, the belayer can see the climber above.  

For a few years, belay glasses were only available from a few European companies.  Now a Salt Lake Company Belay Specs manufactures them.   

Save your neck and get a pair of these awesome glasses.