Better Know a Setter: Ken Tran

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DSC 0213-2 copyThey’re up with the sun, chain coffee-drinking and working hard to bring you the routes you love to send, project, and crush. ‘Touchstone Routesetting’ is an industry term for excellence, and each member of the crew brings a little somethin’ somethin’ to the team. In our ongoing segment, Better Know a Setter, we bring you a closer look at what makes ’em tick. In this weeks installment, we sat down with on of our Studio Climbing routesetters, Ken Tran.

How long have you been route setting?

Seven months.

How did you get into route setting?

I was looking for the exact opposite of being a lawyer. Nailed it. (Bolted it).

What is your favorite gym to set at and why?

The Studio. The members are awesome.

What are you route setting pet peeves?

When people grab the foot chips that I only put on there to be nice to shorties.

What is in your route setting bag right now?

A drill and some socks.

What inspires your routes?

Climbing and occasionally Bjork and doom metal.

What is your favorite memory setting with the Touchstone Crew?

When Eric Sanchez made it rain $20 bills on me from a ladder. Or when we played dodgeball with exercise balls at LA Boulders. 

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?

Hueco Tanks.

What is your advice for aspiring setters?

Email Jeremy.

How many burritos do you eat every week?

At most five or six.

How many cups of coffee?

My rule of thumb is one cup for every ten holds I put up.