Contra Costa Interfaith Housing at Diablo Rock Gym

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Contra Costa County, like all Bay Area counties, has seen a precipitous increase in rental prices over the past five years. For the average family of Contra Costa Interfaith Housing, the median cost of a two-bedroom apartment would require an income well over triple their own. This is where CCIH comes in, with their mission to “provide permanent, affordable housing and vital support services to homeless and at-risk families and individuals in Contra Costa County.” Part of those support services include providing opportunities for their families to relax, develop self-confidence, and have fun. We loved having CCIH visit us at Diablo Rock Gym for a week-long summer camp, and were happy to hear from their Youth Enrichment Coordinator Martine Blake that the kids loved it too:

“Our children have not had many opportunities to recognize and celebrate their successes, big or small,” Martine says. “Diablo Rock Gym not only provided them with a tangible and immediate opportunity to experience and celebrate success, but also an opportunity to go through the process of overcoming challenges.”

“In my opinion,” Martine continues, “the latter is what has benefited our youth the most from their rock climbing experience. After Diablo Rock Gym camp, our youth began to demonstrate more courage to approach some of life’s obstacles with more confidence in their ability to overcome those obstacles.”   

“Exposure to opportunities like rock climbing are critical to the development of healthy youth. They enhance core skills like confidence, resilience, and grit.”

Thank you CCIH for the important work you do for our communities, and for letting us be a small part of your programs!

To get involved with our outreach programs, or see if Diablo Rock Gym could support your community organization, contact Hans at (925) 602-1000.