Cliff Hangar – The best bouldering this side of Joshua Tree

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Climbing at LA Boulders

Published by Inside Hook.

Rock climbing is like Tetris.

You pivot, you scramble, you probe for a way through – and then that one weird shape appears and game over, man.

Bringing that contortional delight to LA: LA Boulders, featuring Cali’s largest and highest bouldering wall and the best climbing terrain this side of Joshua Tree, now accepting memberships.

NoCal-based, Touchstone Climbing boasts eight locations and 20 dedicated route-setting crews, five of which will service their 13,000-square-foot Arts District warehouse, adjusting the holds every six weeks.

Bouldering is rated on the V-scale, which goes up to 15 levels (lower digits for novices, higher ones for Spidermen). Touchstone features all 15.

Membership includes lessons from their top-notch instructors as well as yoga classes, access to weight-training and showers.

Not a bad place to hang around.

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