How to be the Coolest Person at the Climbing Gym; Do’s and Don’ts

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In between wicked sends and sick gains at the gym, NOTHING says “I’m awesome and I care about the people around me” like good ol’ fashioned etiquette.

Whether you’re new to the gym and don’t want to look like a n00b, or are an experienced plastic crusher…. WATCH THIS VIDEO! You’ll find helpful tips for rope climbers, belayers and boulderers to help make you the best, most awesome person at the gym.

In this video we cover important topics such as:

  • Paying attention to who to climbing around you! This is especially important when there are lead climbers above you. Nothing interrupts your flow state like the realization that if you fall, you might take out an unsuspecting top roper on the way down.
  • How to stand while belaying. [Hint: It’s pretty easy, just stand. Don’t sit]
  • Keeping your head on a swivel when you’re belaying. Don’t increase rope climber / boulderer tensions by meandering into their fall zones.
  • Keeping kids at arms reach at all times.
  • Thinking like a chess player when you’re bouldering, always a few moves ahead! If your project intersects with someone who’s already on the wall – give it a minute!
  • Keep your eyes up when you’re cruising the gym. The sky might be falling…
  • Augh! Terrible lead belaying!
  • Augh?! Terrible top rope belaying!

We hope that with this video will help climbers inside our gym be a bit more aware of your surroundings. It’s a great way to earn extra cool points and tons of new climbing friends. If you have questions about etiquette or gym rules, don’t hesitate to ask the staff or comment on social media! And if you see something, say something! Be the change you wish to see in the gym.