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CrossFit is one of the fastest growing fitness programs in the United States and when Sacramento Pipeworks opened their own box earlier this year, hundreds of people have joined the great new way to get strong.

Since the January opening of the CrossFit Pipeworks, 200-300 new members have joined the new facility and 60-80 people are working out daily. “It is the fastest growing CrossFit Box in the United States without a doubt!” said Dustin Raúl Stumpf, a 23 year old CrossFit instructor from Salinas. Stumpf, who graduated with an Exercise Science degree from Sacramento State, instructs at CrossFit Pipeworks

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“Our beginners classes are consistantly packed. We have been adding classes every two weeks or so to keep up with all of the new members joining Pipeworks!”

“People keep coming back because they have an awesome experience during our classes and they see instant results!” said Stumpf. “The future of our CrossFit classes has a lot of room to grow. With the constant influx of new members joining Pipeworks, the sky is the limit for the amount of classes we can potentially have.”

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CrossFit helps people develop their strengths and increase their fitness level, specifically their core. “A weak core invites a higher risk of injury when performing daily activities. CrossFit and healthy eating habits allow our bodies to develop to their full potential,” said Stumpf.

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Beyond providing people with the extra motivation to attain their fitness goals, Stumpf plans to create a CrossFit Kids team and a competitive team for those who want to pursue their goals in the CrossFit Realm.

Many of the WODs, the workouts of the day, are customized to benefit rock climbing members. Traditional CrossFit workouts like Benchmark Girls, Hero, and Fran will be cycled through as well.

For more information check out the Facebook page- Crossfit Pipeworks or see the website