Dogpatch Boulders Featured in Neighborhood Project

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When someone walks into Dogpatch Boulders for the first time, sometimes it’s hard for the front desk to get their attention. “People’s attention is immediately drawn to the towering bouldering walls just over the shoulder of the front desk staff,” said Dogpatch Boulders manager Justin Alarcon. “When we first opened, one journalist referred to our walls as an ‘architectural work of art’, which is pretty funny, but true!”

Dogpatch Boulders

Photographer Kara Brodgesell thought so too. As a part of her ongoing project, Dogpatchwork, she came to Dogpatch Boulders to capture some great images around the gym. Kara moved to the Dogpatch Neighborhood in November 2011, and the more she talked to people about the small neighborhood, the more she heard that it was an area in flux. “The neighborhood is a historical district with a past steeped in immigrant settling and waterfront industry, and has gone through periods of decline and restoration over the last century,” said Brodgesell on her website. “The blending of work and living spaces continues to this day, resulting in a patchwork of unique businesses across the neighborhood.”

We love the idea of capturing the neighborhood. It’s a wonderful place to be and we’re so happy to be a part of the community! To meet our neighbors check out rest of Dogpatchwork. Brodgesell’s work can also be found on her website.