Dogpatch Boulders – How To Video

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in lieu of a boring FAQ page… our favorite home town hero/pro climber/ MH model Ethan Pringle and coach/blogger/crusher Georgie Abel stopped by Dogpatch Boulders to help spread the word about proper gym etiquette. “I can always tell when it’s someones first time in the gym,” said Dogpatch Boulders manager Justin Alarcon. “And it’s not their climbing that gives them away. It’s not knowing how to fall or to see where a route is going before they jump on!” 

Climbing is inherently dangerous. But this video will give you tips and tricks on everything from falling safely on our lovely Flashed Climbing flooring, to spotting in the gym. If you’re new to bouldering or just want to be a more educated climber, this is a must see! 

This video was shot and edited by the modern day Jean-Luc Godard, Joe Kinder, and finished off with the lyrical stylings of Michael P Hershburger. Thanks everyone! Happy climbing!