Ethan Pringle and La Reina Mora (5.14d)

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To Pro·ject a route:
\tə prä-ˌjektˈā rau̇t\

To try a route over and over and over and over and over and over and over, with the goal of completing the route without falling. See Redpointing. 

We’ve all projected a route and gone through the emotional ups and downs of failure. In this video, Touchstone athlete Ethan Pringle details his struggle with projecting La Reina Mora, a (5.14d) in Spain.

“For almost ten miserable days I tried again and again. Ostensibly I wanted to do the route though I was so intensely frustrated and sick of failure that my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I knew somewhere deep down that I could do it on any given attempt, but that only added to my frustration. Twice I had extended my trip for weeklong increments, thinking the send would be a guarantee, and twice I’d disappointed myself……”

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