“Failure Training” in LA

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One of our LA members recently opened up on Lifehacker about a quirk of rock climbing: the necessity of failure for improvement. In her article “How Rock Climbing is Helping Me Get Over My Fear of Failure,” Stephanie Lee outlines how climbing (and falling) at LA Boulders and Cliffs of Id has helped her to remember that performance is all about effort, not ego. She uniquely describes climbing as “failure training,” stating that it’s a powerful tool for learning how to get over the mental hurdles that keep you from trying your hardest:

Rock climbing is one of those things where if you want to get better, you have to be okay with failing repeatedly so you know what to work on, making mistakes in front of others, and batting away all that negative self-talk.

Stephanie goes on to outline some of the things that make climbing such a singular activity, including accepting each person’s unique experience and the joy of having friends and peers to call on for support. Taken allegorically, “go rock climbing” sounds like a pretty great life hack to us, too!

Read the whole article here.