Fitness routine: Pushing Past Obstacles and Climbing

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Adaptive Climbing at The StudioOriginally Published in the San Jose Mercury News. We’re so glad that The Studio climbing gym in downtown San Jose has become a place where everyone can come learn to climb. If you’d like to find out more about our outreach and community projects, follow us on facebook and Instagram

My favorite workout: At age 21, I was hurt in a motorcycle accident and became paraplegic. I’ve played basketball for the Golden State Warriors wheelchair basketball team for 15 years. Yet, years ago I was looking for a different kind of workout that would get me out of my wheelchair, and I found it at Touchstone rock climbing studio (in San Jose). My climbing partner is showing me climbing techniques, how to do knots, tie ropes.

How often I exercise: I’m at the studio two or three nights a week and play basketball two days a week. I also go running in my wheelchair. I can push 20 miles a week.

What motivates me: I’m building internal strength that the public doesn’t see. And one day, I will climb Yosemite’s El Capitan, not only achieving my goal, but being an inspiration to the community that supports me.

The hardest part is: Letting my muscles recuperate so I can do it again.

What it teaches me: I’m learning about the obstacles in life. Once you see it, work at it and get past it, you think that’s all it was — it was just an obstacle.

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