Free Outdoor Education and Stewardship Class

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Outdoor conservation and Ethics

Protecting and preserving our outdoor climbing areas is a no-brainer. It has to be done and the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the climbing community. It sounds like a heavy load but if we all work together and follow some simple and basic guidelines for limiting our impact when outdoors it’s easy!

As a climbing gym, we have a responsibility to educate our members and guests about outdoor ethics. Just like someone showed you the ropes when you learned to climb indoors – it’s important to learn best practices for climbing outdoors!

Conservation Efforts in Berkeley CaliforniaDesk staffer and Bay Area Climbers Coalition President, Matt Ulery, is kicking off our new Outdoor Education and Stewardship at Berkeley Ironworks in May. “The idea was to build an easy to use framework of how to minimize your impact when going climbing outdoors,” said Ulery. “I pulled information from the Access Fund and Leave No Trace to highlight examples of how to limit impact, be an awesome climbing steward, and keep our crags open.” Rumor has it the session will even include  some beta on local crags to get you psyched to get outdoors and explore some of the wonderful climbing available in the Bay Area.

Come check out the first Outdoor Education and Stewardship class is free and will be held at Berkeley Ironworks on Wednesday, May 13th from 7pm to 8pm.


Keep an eye out for similar classes at all Touchstone Climbing locations!