Hollywood Boulders Location Announcement

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2015 is going to be an exciting year for the LA climbing community! We’re happy to announce that we have chosen a name for our Hollywood gym, and are ready to release the exact location!

First off..what’s in a name…?

Everything! We decided to name this gym after the iconic city it calls home. Hollywood Boulders. It’s got a nice ring to it, right? Hollywood is a city known the world over for big dreams and bright lights. Hollywood Boulders will be a destination gym for people who want to climb on the cutting edge of industry standards and make their mark.

Hollywood Boulders is a 17,000 sq ft facility, with 11,000 sq feet of climbing terrain, making it the largest bouldering-only gym in Southern California. We are currently under construction, getting the building ready and working with Walltopia to design bouldering terrain like you’ve never seen. Along with climbing, we will have a programing room for yoga and fitness classes, along with cardio equipment, a weight room, and saunas.

Remi Moehring, the manager of LA Boulders says that excitement has been building for the new gyms. “We’ve set the bar high at LA.B and people know what it means when we say a Touchstone gym is coming to town.”

Rock Climbing in Hollywood“Our goal in Los Angeles was not to simply build a gym. Our objective was to be a catalyst in the development of the indoor climbing community,” said Touchstone CEO Mark Melvin. “It takes multiple exceptional gyms in close proximity with reciprocity to do the job right, and Hollywood Boulders will be an exceptional gym in a great location.”

“We are hopeful that we can open both Hollywood Boulders and Cliffs of Id in mid 2015,” said Sr. Manager Markham Connolly. Just think – by this time next year Touchstone members will have four locations to choose from! We’ll be announcing details about construction, employment opportunities, and wall designs on the Hollywood Boulders facebook page, so give it a follow!

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