Kids Belay at The Studio Climbing

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By Alyssa Edwards

I remember my childhood as the monkey of our neighborhood here in San Jose. I was constantly terrifying my friends’ parents, as well as my own, by climbing everything in sight. Trees, play structures, furniture, you name it – I climbed it. I’m sure this sounds familiar to many parents out there. Children are filled with a sort of rambunctious energy, and it can often translate into death defying climbing stunts.

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Luckily, The Studio Climbing offers a program for kids to channel their inner monkey in a positive and safer environment: Kid’s Belay! Held every weekend from 12-4pm, trained and energetic staff are on hand to belay groups of up to 5 kids as a time for a one-hour time slot. It costs $25 per child, which includes a harness rental and time with our instructor. Kid’s belay is the perfect option for kid’s to explore the world of rock climbing as an exciting and healthy activity. It’s also an excellent option for parents who need an hour to run errands, grab coffee with a friend, or simply enjoy a little time for themselves. The best part? Kids love it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.25.19 PMClimbing is a combination of physical activity and problem solving that engages kids in multiple ways, no matter their age. The program is open to all kid’s ages 5-15 and has enough variety to challenge and entertain everyone. It can also be the perfect first step into one of our Kid’s Climbing Teams if they truly fall in love with the sport.

So go on parents! Go out and get that relaxing cup of coffee we know you’ve been dreaming about! Or stick around our facility and watch your child crush on our 35ft walls. Either way you can rest easy knowing your little monkey is have a blast.

No reservations are required. If you’re interested in bringing your children in for kids belay, give us a call Saturday or Sunday to check availably. See you at The Studio Climbing!