Tips for Bringing Kids to the Climbing Gym

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If you’ve been thinking about bringing kids to the climbing gym, now is the perfect time! Kids are bouncing balls of energy and climbing is a great way to build confidence, have fun and stay active. If you’d like a more supervised experience for your child, consider joining Team Touchstone or our After School Climbing Camp. If you’re bringing your mini-me to the gym on your own, here are some ideas to ensure a better experience.

Take an Intro Class

Rock climbing is a great chance to spend time with your kids. Why not get in on the fun?! If you’re planning on bringing children to the climbing gym, we recommend educating yourself by taking an Intro to Bouldering class. This daily class is a great way to understand the basics of gym safety and bouldering etiquette.

Look Up

It’s very important to be aware of your surroundings when at the gym. Be sure to look up and around as you walk through the gym. Climbers can fall from off of the bouldering walls unexpectedly, so be sure to be aware of climbers near you and your children.

 No Running

We get it. Our gym can look like a giant playground. But please do not let your children run on the mats or through the gym.

Be a Helicopter Parent

We’re not sure what the parent blogs are saying these days, but when you’re in the gym, be a helicopter parent. Keeping your kids within arms reach when they are on the ground is important for their safety and the safety of those around them.

Don’t Play with the Ropes

Our rope climbing expansion will be an amazing addition to the gym, and children and welcome in the rope climbing area. However, leave the ropes for people who are actually climbing!