All the Comps: A TCS2014 Interview with Kris Terry

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This year, the Touchstone Comp Series switched between rope and bouldering comps at the nine different Touchstone gyms. Going to one or even two of the local gyms was a challenging feat for many California climbers. Kris Terry, a Sonoma County resident and climber of six year, managed to tick off each of the TCS. He spoke with the blog about this year’s comp series.


The 23 year old Vertex Climbing Center route setter coaches the gym’s youth team and spends his free time woodworking, producing Murphy beds and carving wooden cutlery. In between all his work, he managed to hit all the comps.


“My motivation for not missing a single comp in this years series came two years ago when I left early and lost my chance at winning a hangboard in the raffle. My buddy called to ask where I was because they called my name for the big prize but I was already on the road home. So I guess it all began for the schwag (lol!) but it has grown into much more than that. I love the process of training with a powerful goal in mind and seeing the pay off by being ranked high amongst some serious talent.”


“Besides having a great time with my awesome Vertex friends, my favorite part of the series was the ability to check out all the different terrain Touchstone has to offer,” said Terry about the comp series.

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“My favorite comps this year were: 1) Metal Mark because I performed my very best there and left with first place; 2) Mission Cliffs because I got to participate in finals; and 3) The Studio because my girlfriend finally joined me for her first TCS comp and got just as addicted as I have been. She ended the series 3rd intermediate! “