LivinBob at MetalMark

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Some people believe there’s not much to do in the Central Valley but Socrates Lozano and Joey Ybarra started a YouTube channel to prove people wrong. Recently they headed over to MetalMark in Fresno to show some of the excitement going on in the Central Valley.

“We’re trying to show people what there is in the Valley and see if we can do it,” Ybarra said. “Our goal with this is to have a great time, make videos and show people that life in the Valley isn’t as bad as some people say it is.”

Along with Zac Blythe, Socrates Lozano and Joey Ybarra began shooting videos for LIVIN, a YouTube channel highlighting people, locations and activities around the San Joaquin Valley. (LIVIN is an acronym for “life in Visalia is nice.”) Blythe has since ceased partnering in the project, but Ybarra and Lozano are aiming to keep it alive despite the loss. In the last month, their 12 YouTube videos have received more than 24,000 views. “Friends and family seem to love it,” Lozano said. “Depending on the video, our audience either loves it or they hate it, but for the most part, we get positive comments.”

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