Meet the Hollywood Boulders Manager

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If you’re looking for the best bouldering gym in Hollywood, look no further than Hollywood Boulders! Currently under construction, this behemoth of a bouldering gym is set to open in the first half of 2016. Hollywood Boulders will be the largest bouldering-only gym in the Los Angeles area, and will also house saunas, cardio and weight equipment, and a large studio space for yoga and fitness classes.

Hollywood Boulders

We’re happy to announce the fearless leader of Hollywood Boulders; Nash Anderson! Nash is a familiar face behind the desk at both Mission Cliffs and LA Boulders, and we’re so exited to have him on board as the manager of our biggest bouldering gym. We sat down with Nash to find out a bit more about the man behind the myth.

Nash Anderson, Manager of Hollywood BouldersWhen did you start climbing?
I started climbing about a decade ago, at Mission Cliffs and in Yosemite National Park.

What do you miss about Mission Cliffs, our gym in San Francisco?
All of my old climbing partners, all of the members I have known forever, the crew and all of the friendships I have made during my time there.

Where are your favorite places to climb in LA?
Fortunately Los Angeles has plenty of great climbing near by: Echo Cliffs, Malibu, Tahquitz and Suicide, Black Mountain, Joshua Tree are all within 2 hours of L.A! I think Echo Cliffs in my favorite because of the quality and abundance of the sport climbing. The approach can be exhausting in the summer, but it serves as an extra challenge and good warmup!

Who would play you in you Lifetime bio pic movie?
Fabio, you may have heard of him. The title would be “My Five O’clock Shadow Comes in at Noon: The Nash Anderson Story.”

Climbing at Echo CliffsWhat are you most excited for at Hollywood Boulders?
I’m excited about bringing more of the Touchstone flavor to LA and putting my own spin on it. I’ve been part of the Touchstone and outdoor climbing communities for almost a decade, and climbing is my passion. I couldn’t possibly be more excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to manage a gym and be a part of the growing empire. Each Touchstone Climbing gym gets better every year, and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty doing the same for Hollywood!