Meet the Manager: Holly Rock

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unnamed-3We are happy to introduce our newest Commander in Chief of LA Boulders, Ms. Hooooollllyyyy ROCK! Holly is a familiar face around Great Western Power Company in Oakland, and she has recently made the move down to Los Angeles to manage our original Southern California bouldering gym!

We caught up with Holly to find out what makes her tick, so read on, and don’t forget to say hello when you see her around the gym!

What is your climbing genesis story?

I moved to the Bay back in 2007 fresh out of college, for my first ever ‘real’ job working as an Industrial Designer. At the time I was living in an apartment that was a cockroach infested dungeon located a couple blocks from Berkeley Ironworks. I walked into the gym one day to avoid my apartment for said reasons and my world exploded! I was hooked! After that, all my free time was spent climbing, traveling to climb, planning out new stuff to climb, climb, climb, climb!

What is your ideal climbing trip?

Since I am an all around explorer type, I like to jam pack as many of many favorite hobbies in as I can. An ideal climbing trip would be somewhere where I could do a dawn patrol on some nice left point breaks, spend the afternoon eating some delicious, cheap street food and exploring a new culture, then spend the rest of the day on some amazing multi-pitch sport routes. All within walking distance of each other… Is that possible? I think I just described heaven! Actually, maybe through in riding a horse from the surfing to the climbing? There, that is heaven!

What inspires you?

So many things, where to start? I like to set big goals to get inspired, like hiking the John Muir Trail North to South and back again in 30 days, or leading 100 sport routes outside in ten days. Those things have happened and yes they were painful… but fun! Also, I get super psyched just being out in nature. I am definitely inspired by big mountains, long trails, rock formations and beautiful blue peeling waves. I just want to experience it all!


What is something people might not know about you?

I was a competitive gymnast growing up and when my body became too riddled with injuries, I started competitive roller dancing… I’m blushing right now… My mom made me do it, I swear!

You just made the move from Oakland! What are your favorite part about Northern California?

There are so many amazing things about Oakland. The parks, the food, the fog, the rocky coastline… But mostly, I would say the people, I am lucky to have a pretty amazing community up there! Hi everyone, miss you all!

What is your favorite part about Southern California?

As a surfer, I can sum it all up in about three words, plentiful, warm, waves! Surfing in a spring suit is pretty sweet! Oh, and all the climbing, so many new places to climb!


What are you most excited about becoming the new manager of LA Boulders?

So many things to be excited about! I am super psyched to help foster the community down here. Because really, it’s all about the people! Also making some improvements in the gym to make it even more awesome! Just you wait, stuff is about to happen and its gonna be good!

What is your spirit animal?

Good question. I personally don’t feel akin to a single animal, I would like to say I would be a mixture of a bunch of animals such as a cat with raccoon paws, and sea otter flippers and wings of a pelican. Though, I was recently told by my sister that I am a dolphin due to the fact that I like water and am always doing flips.


What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

If I have to just choose just one it would be Rhythm of the Night. In fact, I used to roller dance to this very song. Hearing it sends me straight back to the days of spandex and crazy light shows.