Meet the Manager: Remi at Pacific Pipe

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Remi has managed not one, not two, but THREE Touchstone gyms. She started out her Touchstone journey as Mission Cliffs Desk Staff back in 2011. Moved down to LA in 2013 to manage LA Boulders, followed by managing Cliffs of Id. Now, she is moving back to the Bay to manage her biggest gym yet, Pacific Pipe!


Please tell us a little bit about your background!
I’m SF born and East Bay raised, but I’ve bopped around the East Coast and just spent eight years in LA so it’s been a minute since I’ve lived in NorCal. I couldn’t be more excited to return to the place I’ve always considered home! I don’t get to climb much anymore because my penchant for crimps destroyed my knuckles, so in my free time I teach pole classes, and have recently taken a dangerously deep dive into the world of polymer clay crafting.

decorative imageHow did you get started at Touchstone?
I just did the math and I’ve been working for Touchstone for the majority of my adult life! In true 2011 style, it started with a Groupon for a belay class and a crappy serving job that I was dying to get out of. A month after I took the class I asked the person at the front desk at Mission Cliffs if there were any openings, and he happened to have given notice a couple days prior. Timing is everything! After a couple years as desk staff I moved down south to run LA Boulders, and I’ve spent the past six years running Cliffs of Id. Now it’s back to the Bay!

What are you excited to bring to your gym now that you’re the manager?
Starting with a brand new gym and a fresh slate is always fun (I’ve done it several times!). I’ve been working in areas that have no green space within walking distance so I’m really inspired to bring some greenery to the gym landscape. I want it to be a place where people really LOVE to be, both in terms of gym culture and aesthetics. Last year gave us all time to rethink our priorities and how we spend our time. Coming to the climbing gym should be a source of joy, and I want to do everything I can to make sure that’s the case for the community at Pac Pipe.

decorative imageWhat’s your favorite thing about the neighborhood?
I love the green space between the lanes on Mandela! So many dogs! At the time of this interview I’m still living in LA so I haven’t had much opportunity to explore beyond a stone’s throw, but I used to work and go to school in Oakland and I love how diverse and vibrant the city is. I’m really looking forward to getting more familiar with the immediate area! If anyone has great breakfast burrito recs please let me know 🙂

What’s something you can talk about forever?
RuPaul’s Drag Race and any spinoff, special, youtube show, backstage drama, instagram account, or event related to it.

decorative imageHow would you describe your managerial style?
Power-mad. Chaotic. I respond only to offers of french fries and I demand that a constant loop of Cotton Eyed Joe be played at the gym at all times. I am an utter delight.

Thanks Remi and welcome back to the Bay Area! We can’t wait to ask you all our pressing Ru Paul’s DragRace questions at the front desk of Pacific Pipe.