Member of the Month: Kristin Rodriguez

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In his monthly installment of  Better Know a Member, Sacramento Pipeworks staffer Jason Bove sits down with a member of the climbing community. 

Sacramento Pipeworks Member of the MonthFinding the time to participate in fun, athletic activities throughout the working week can be very difficult to do! For this month’s featured member, we try to find out how fitness can be squeezed into the schedule of someone with many different hats to wear, and many different places to be. She is a true example for all of us who think that there is not enough time in the day to do the things that we love, a friend to many (including me), and a source of inspiration in a world suffering from excuses. There is no doubt that you will see Kristin at the gym, and you may even catch her quickly running past you on the streets of Sacramento!

Bove) Being a yogi, climber, and runner, how do you feel that each of these sports compliment one another?
Rodriguez) First, and most importantly, they are all really fun, and, of course, they balance out different muscle groups nicely. If I skip out on yoga I feel remarkably tighter in my legs and hips — I run much more effectively and comfortably when I incorporate yoga practice. Yoga also really helps with those stretchy, balanced moves when climbing, especially in those non-ideal positions. When it comes to climbing, my shoulders tend to get tight, and I feel more tense when I take too much time off. Plus, I feel stronger running when I climb. And talk about injury prevention, especially with yoga. Bonus…they all make you happy -YAY!

B) Do you have any tips for staying healthy and being so active?
R) To be honest, I’m sometimes a square and skip out on social activities so I can go to bed early to get the sleep I need (Sacramento Pipeoworks Member of the Monthlaughs). Also, I’m a little on the nerdy side when it comes to planning. I schedule myself time every Sunday to plan my whole week. This includes, work, physical activities, school targets, social activities, errands and so forth. I also have a daily battle plan notepad that I carry around/refer to to stay on task. For me, it works great! Lastly, I cook and pack my food for the week on Saturday or Sunday, keeping half at home and half at work. I find the spending a couple hours a week at once prepping instead of a little everyday makes my life so much easier during the week. Plus, it leaves more kitchen time for my four other housemates and more room in our fridge.

B) Are there any other sports/physical activities that you still want to try?
R) Aerial silks look super fun! Also, mountain biking, backpacking, dancing…. I’m sure there are many others I have yet to discover!

B) How did you come to Pipeworks, and how long have you been a member?
R) My friend actually took me to Granite Arch (since he lived in the area) the first time I went climbing. I was immediately hooked and joined Pipeworks the next day. I believe that was in 2010. I’ve had a lover affair with Pipes ever since.

B)Do you have a favorite story about being a proud grandma?
R) Yes! When I went to visit them in Montana last year my grandson Braiden and I had developed a special routine with in the first couple of days I was there. When he would wake up in the morning I would get up and get him so mom could sleep – at this time my granddaughter was only 3 weeks old, so mom needed all the sleep she could get. He would have a grumpy face on until I gave him a banana. Then, as I made my coffee, he would bring me his soccer ball with his still half eaten banana in hand. While I had my coffee and he finished his banana, we would kick the ball around in the kitchen. We did this everyday after the first time until I left. It was our special welcoming of the day together.

B) Tell me about what it is like living in a co-op. Do you recommend it?
R) It’s funny because one of my housemates came up with the enduring term “no-op” since in the current situation we are all pretty relaxed about the structure. We seemed to have naturally developed patterns on chores and how we maintain things living together, and it’s worked well so far. And interestingly, despite there being five of us, it is rare that we are all home at the same time. We get all excited when it actually happens! Personally, I love the living situation and highly recommend it. You develop close relationships with your housemates, can help each other out when needed, have fun together, and so forth. It’s like your own little community. Not to mention splitting costs with a number of people is a huge money saver.

Sacramento Pipeworks Member of the MonthB) What is the most interesting item of food in your refrigerator?
R) There is this mystery jar with no label that has been living there since I moved in almost a year ago. I have no clue what it is.

B) If you could travel to anywhere in any time period, where would you go and why?
R) I don’t even have a specific place in mind; there are so many great places out there! I would want to go to as many places as possible. I feel there is so much more to learn aside from what we know. And the more we know, the more we can help others. So I suppose the expansion of knowledge is my “why”

B) Please complete this sentence: “People tend to think I am _________, but really I am ____________.
R) People tend to think I am mean when they first see me, but really I am nice once they talk to me. Yep, I have been told this numerous times – Fooled you! hahaha!

B) Rope climbing or Bouldering?
R) The rod in my leg from a bouldering injury begs me to say rope climbing.