Para Los Niños Charter Middle School visits LA Boulders

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We here at LA Boulders are pretty sure we’re a part of one of the best local communities. That’s why we love introducing new groups from our neighborhood to our favorite sport! This past week, we were happy to host a girl’s group from Para Los Niños Charter Middle School. Para Los Niños is a nonprofit organization that has worked for more than thirty years to create academic success and social well-being for children. Through early education centers, charter schools, and wellness centers, they offer high-quality education integrated with family supports, mental health services, and community engagement opportunities to thousands of children living in at-risk neighborhoods in Los Angeles county.

It was such a pleasure having this group of energetic young girls try their hands at climbing for the first time. Here’s what the group had to say about their experience:

Our group is made up of seven 6th grade girls and their counselor, Ms. Martinez. Together, we discuss self-love, conflict resolution, empathy, and teamwork. The group meets every Monday during lunchtime. All seven girls are outgoing and every one of them brings something special to the group.

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We were very happy to be able to practice our communication and motivational skills while rock climbing! The girls experienced something completely outside of their comfort zone and were exposed to problem-solving in a whole new way.

“Thank you for taking me rock climbing because I thought I would never get rid of my fear of heights, but doing that made it so that I did not have fear anymore!”- Michelle Hernandez, 11 years old

“I have experienced what monkeys feel like in a jungle! At first I was afraid of slipping and falling, but when I fell onto the mat I felt safe.” Jada Domanski, 11 years old

“I had fun on my first time rock climbing.” Leydi Sanchez, 11 years old

“I had a very good time because I got to hang like a monkey…I was happy because I challenged myself on the wall.” Dulce Santiago, 11 years old.

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Thank you Para Los Niños for bringing such joy to LA Boulders! To learn more about our outreach events, contact us at (323) 406-9119.