Routes Comp at LA Boulders a Huge Hit

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In the 9 months since LA Boulders opened in Downtown Los Angeles, it has become a home away from home for many Southern California climbers. “LA Boulders is definitely the best climbing gym for bouldering. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking for a great workout and wants to challenge themselves. The gym has a great community feel with people who are ready to help you and encourage you.” Said Cammie, a climber who lives in Long Beach.

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But one of the biggest perks of the gym is the fun atmosphere that the staff works hard to create. “Our members have been requesting more comps, and we’re really into spoiling them with fun events,” said LA.B manager Remi Moehring. “I asked our setting foreman, Noah, what kind of event he wanted to be involved in since he would have to be the creative genius behind it. He suggested a themed route comp, thus Pump Up The Jam was born. And it was good.”


The comp, which was free for members and the price of a day pass for guests, involved routes for all levels of climbers. Over 130 climbers spent their Friday night at the LA.B, enjoying extra long routes and feeling the burn! “The event went even better than we could have expected,” said Moehring. “It had the psych factor and awesome prizes of a major competition with the community feel and food of your really popular friend’s Birthday party, plus beer, minus having to bring a present. Everyone had fun and the crowd was encouraging of other climbers no matter what the skill level, which is what the LA.B community is all about.”


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