‘Science ROCKS’ goes Rock Climbing

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We are always excited to hear back form teachers and leaders who bring kids from our community into the gym to CLIMB! We received this nice write up from Katie. Thanks for coming! We had a blast showing the Science ROCKS kids the ropes!

Climbing at Berkeley Ironworks Each semester I select a group of students to be the Science ROCKS All Stars in my middle school science classes. These students earn their title based on effort and improvement over the course of the academic semester. The prize? A climbing trip to Berkeley Ironworks!

We walked over after school on a recent Friday, and the Berkeley Ironworks staff was there to help my kids get everything they needed to be ready for climbing. Each one pushed beyond the limits of what they believed they could do, and they had a great time! I am so grateful to Berkeley Ironworks for making these Science ROCKS field trips possible for my students– who would otherwise not have the financial resources to go rock climbing. Thanks everyone!

~Katie Kelly-Hankin- 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher