TCS2016 Finale and Grand Opening at Cliffs of Id FAQ’s

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On Saturday, Cliffs of Id will host the finale of the Sothern California Touchstone Climbing Series. TCS2016 is our very own, homegrown comp series that tours every single Touchstone Climbing Gym. Saturday marks the end of the bouldering SoCal section, and is not to be missed! And if that wasn’t enough for you, we’ll be combining the competition and onsight finals with the Grand Opening of the rope climbing walls! If you’ve never been to Touchstone Climbing Competition, here are some frequently asked questions to browse as you prepare for the event of a lifetime.

If you’ve never been to Touchstone Climbing Competition, here are some frequently asked questions to browse as you prepare for the event of a lifetime.

Q: I’m not good enough to compete in a climbing competition!

A: Not technically a question… but we’ll tackle it anyway. Never fear modest climber! At the very heart of the TCS2016 comp series, there lies this basic philosophy: Everyone gets a chance to compete. Right now, as we speak, the Touchstone Climbing Routesetting Team is filling the entire gym with brand new boulder problems, grades v0-vImpossible.

So, no matter if you’re brand new to climbing, are busting through that v5 plateau, or are Adam Ondra… you’re welcome to come out and compete with your friends on Saturday.

Q: How does scoring work?

A: When you arrive and register, you will get a score card. Keep this. The comp is self-scored. After you complete a problem, find it on your score card and circle the points associated with how many attempts it took you to complete the problem. 1 try? 2 tries? 3 tries? You get the idea. Have your spotter or some who saw you complete the problem initial each score.

At the end of the day, turn in your score card and the staff will add up your top 5 highest scores. Easy. Simple. Stress-free.

Q: That sounds amazing – how do I sign up?!

A: It does doesn’t it?! Ok, easy. The actual registration process goes down at the gym when you arrive. You can show up anytime after noon, and we’ll get you registered and climbing in a jiffy. Save time at registration by coming prepared.

  • Print a paper waiver.  Everyone entering the gym will need a waiver.
  • Get your comp code. Your 3 letter comp code is yours for life. If you have competed in a Touchstone Climbing competition in the last 3 years, you already have a comp code. You can look it up here. If you have never competed – welcome! Registration is fast and free.

Q: So let me get this straight – the ENTIRE bouldering area will be filled with brand new problems?! How is that possible?

14047221_10208469042901385_5509360450093242667_oOur routesetters are amazing. Best in the west. They’ve already begun to strip the gym and set comp specific problems. This means that there will be substantial wall closures throughout the week. If you’re dying to get your boulder on – you can always crush at LA Boulders or Hollywood Boulders. OR, take this opportunity to rope up! Our rope climbing area is now open after 6pm – so belay is ON!

Q: The day of the comp – what’s the deal with that?

Show up any time between noon and 5pm to climb. This event is FREE to Touchstone Climbing Members and only $20 for guests. [Sorry – no guest passes on comp day] If it’s your first comp of 2016, you get a comp t-shirt. There will be pizza, beer, beverages and tasty treats.

Q: What’s up with on-sight finals?

A: 3 men and 3 women who have the highest overall advanced scores are automatically entered into the on-sight finals. So if you’ve crushed at the LA Boulders or Hollywood Boulders comp, it was all worth it! Check your scores here.


3 men and 3 women with the highest advanced scores from the day will be entered into on-sight finals as well. These 12 competitors will go head to head on the sweetest boulder problems you’ve ever seen, and we get to watch it all go down! This blood-pumping-psych-fest is SURE to get you stoked to train for your own personal project!

Q: I’m not really into bouldering – but I’m REALLY psyched about the rope area!

Well come on DOWN! We’re happy to be combining the GRAND OPENING of the Rope Climbing area at Cliffs of Id. We know. Happy dance.

Q: I live in a town far far away and I feel a case of weapons-grade FOMO coming on… help!

A: That is tragic, but never fear! We’ll bring the comp to you! Check out our live stream of the on-sight finals so you can feel like you’re there! To really go the extra mile, watch with a beer in one hand, a chalk bag in the other, and crank the volume. Oh, and have your friends throw prizes at you every once and a while.