Testimonial: Rock Climbing and Youth Counseling

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Climbing at Berkeley Ironworks“My name is Erin Johnson.  I am a marriage and family therapy intern and I work at a counseling center called Coyote Coast located in Orinda, California. I work as a mentor with young men who are transitioning from intensive therapy programs back to living with their families.

We do many different activities with the kids to get them proactive in their lives around their interests and things that may inspire them.  I take the young man I work with to the Touchstone Climbing’s Berkeley Ironworks as part of our sessions.

The guys love it and it’s such a good way to connect with them and to get them active.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Jeffrey Kosoff, the outreach coordinator from Berkeley Ironworks for this incredible opportunity available to these young men.

Thank you Touchstone Climbing gym for supporting this work.”